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Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University

60208 1845 Sheridan Road Evanston View map
United States


Medill, a leader in education since 1921, offers graduate programs that combine the enduring skills and values of journalism with new techniques and knowledge that are essential to thrive in today’s digital world. Here, you will join a diverse group of students who are motivated by many ambitions. Today, the opportunities for a career in journalism and media are abundant. Perhaps your goal is to expose wrongdoing through investigative reporting or give voice to the voiceless. You might aspire to create finely crafted prose or tell stories with interactive tools. Maybe you want to be a beat reporter or a magazine editor. Or maybe you see yourself as a broadcaster, web producer or media entrepreneur. Perhaps your path is still unclear, but, like your Medill classmates, you have a passion for journalistic storytelling, a creative instinct and a commitment to do good in the world. Our full-time faculty are seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience and contacts. We also draw upon Chicago’s vibrant journalism community for accomplished adjuncts who specialize in reporting, photography, videography, interactive publishing, non-fiction narrative, magazine editing, web design and more. A Medill degree from Northwestern University is one of the strongest credentials a journalist can possess.


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