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As part of the Pearson family, Pearson College understands that one of the key criteria of any degree is its ability to enhance students’ employability prospects. Owners of such businesses as the Financial Times and Penguin, Pearson is the only FTSE 100 company delivering degrees in the UK. The Pearson programme offers you the chance to study a business degree within a business at our corporate offices in London. By working with leading employers such as Sony Pictures, BT and Cisco, Pearson College has created degrees that embed practical skills and world of work experience with academic knowledge. Students who complete the full Pearson Business and Enterprise Programme, and those who complete the Business and Enterprise and Engineering Top-up degrees, graduate with an Honours degree from Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, part of the University of London and highly respected for its academic standards. Students who complete the full Business and Enterprise programme also graduate with a Pearson Diploma (incorporating the Pearson Higher National Diploma). Pearson College degrees are flexible and offer you the chance to study full or part-time. You can complete the degree in a traditional full-time three year programme, or you can combine study with work...

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