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Psychoanalytic theories on the development and structure of the mind are linked to the understanding of the great psychopathological pictures. Variations in the normality-abnormality continuum and the changing relationship between man and his surrounding environment (family and society) have left their mark on these clinical conceptions. In this course, the basic models for the understanding of psychopathology and the debates between the different schools of thought in this area will be studied and evaluated.

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The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru is the oldest private university in Peru, founded in 1917 by the priest Jorge Dintilhac. It reaches its centenary, occupying the first place in the national sphere and one of the first positions in Latin America.

This positioning is a recognition of the quality of its teaching, research, social responsibility, contribution to culture, and undeniable academic and institutional leadership, possible thanks to the permanent effort of our entire university community.

The PUCP offers 52 majors spread over our 16 faculties. In addition, have a Business School called Centrum PUCP where a large amount of valuable postgraduate programs are taught.

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