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Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM)

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Undergraduate Overview

PUCMM offers 34 undergraduate programs, covering the following subjects :


    2.Financial Management and Auditing


    4.Hotel Management, concentration in Hotel Marketing

    5.Hotel Management, concentration in Foods and Drinks

    6.Business Administration



    9.Secondary Education, concentration in Mathematics and Physics

    10.Secondary Education, concentration in Artistic Education

    11.Secondary Education, concentration in Biology and Chemistry

    12.Primary Education Second Cycle, concentration in Spanish Language

    13.Physical Education

    14.Basic Education

    15.Interior Design


    17.Social Communication, concentration in Audiovisual Production

    18.Social Communication, concentration in Corporative Communication

    19.Corporative Communication

    20.Audiovisual Communication and Cinematography Arts



    23.Physical Therapy


    25.Nutrition and Dietetics

    26.Electric Engineering, concentration in Industrial Electronics

    27.Electric Engineering, concentration in Power Electric Systems

    28.Ecology and Environmental Management

    29.Electronic Engineering

    30.Mechatronic Engineering

    31.Mechanic Engineering

    32.Systems and Computing Engineering

    33.Civil Engineering

    34.Industrial an Systems Engineering.

The requirements for undergraduate entry are as follows:

    oDeposit the following documents in the Admissions Office:

     - Admissions Application Form 

    - Original and legalized birth certificate (If you are a foreigner the certificate must be apostilled in the country of origin)

   - Medical certificate duly signed and stamped

    - Two (2) 2x2 photos (front)

    - Copy of electoral identity card (If foreigner copy of the passport)

   - High school transcript record

    - National Test Certificate 

    - Receipts of payment for admission procedures (RD$) 1,650.00

    oThe admission tests must be passed.

There is the additional requirement for students of the Health Sciences to have their vaccine records up to date by presenting a history of the vaccination record.


    •If you were born abroad and are the child of Dominican parents, you must file a Legalized Birth Certificate of one of your parents for purposes of categorization as Dominican.

    •If Spanish is NOT your mother tongue or you have studied in another language totally or partially, you will have to take a test that will determine your language skills in Spanish and place you     in the corresponding level.

    •If the documents are in another language, they must be translated into Spanish by an authorized public interpreter.

    •All documents must be original.

In addition to the above requirements you must deposit:
    •Record of grades and High School Diploma apostilled by the corresponding agency of the host country of the institution issuing the document.  These documents must then be approved by     the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (MINERD).  Also, include the grades or equivalences of Basic Education (8th grade) apostilled if they have not been issued in Dominican     Republic.    •If the country is NOT signatory to the Hague Convention, the documents must be officialized by the Dominican Consulate of the country issuing the document and the Ministry of Foreign     Affairs (MIREX) of the Dominican Republic.
The average tuition and service fees cost per year, for international students at the undergraduate level, is $13,035.00. The University offers financing to its students at undergraduate level, through the Educational School Loan Programs administered by the Financial Aid Office. The Federal Direct Loan Program from the United States Department of Education is available to students who are citizens or legal residents of the United States of America. To apply and qualify to these funding, interested students must meet the requirements established by both financing programs.
For international students to apply:    •The student expresses to the corresponding unit of the International Higher Education Institution (IESI) his/her interest in taking one or more subjects at PUCMM. Once approved by the IESI,     the information will be sent to PUCMM indicating the student’s interest in participating.    •The Admissions Department sends the interested party the admission requirements and requests information on the area or subjects you wish to study and in which academic period. If the     subject programs were required, the student would be advised accordingly.    •The Admissions Department confirms the availability of the selected subjects and sends the corresponding information (registration, costs, start and end of classes, etc.). If you need     accommodation for your stay, please contact the Student Mobility Department.    •The Admissions Department reviews the file and, if applicable, issues the student's admission letter.    •The Admissions Department requests the student identification card from the Registration Department.

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University Highlights

Total faculty staff - 645


Total faculty staff - 645

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