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Rennes School of Business

Rennes School of Business - Rennes Campus, Rennes,, France
  • Degree MSc
  • Study Level Masters
  • Study Mode On Campus
  • Course Intensity Full Time
  • Fees(EUR) 18200-
  • Scholarships Yes
  • Start date Sep

The Master of Science in International Luxury & Brand Management aims to develop the skills required to lead a career in the luxury and brand sector. Our students will be able to implement effective strategies and develop innovative products and services in different luxury segments. They will also learn how to innovate and manage brands to effectively achieve their business goals in a responsible manner and in an international environment.

5 strong points of the program:

  • Education delivered in France, the cradle of major luxury brands, some of which work in close collaboration with Rennes SB.
  • A program that combines theory and practice.
  • A program focused on both the luxury sector and brand management in general, which thus trains graduates who can excel in any sector.
  • An international and multicultural program with 55% of international students.
  • Possibility of joining the Rennes SB Alumni association, which has many members in the luxury sector, so many opportunities to exploit when looking for internships and jobs!

About University

Programmes taught in English by an international full-time faculty, students coming from all over the world, international research cooperation, programme development with international partners, research centers and international faculty exchange are key features of Rennes School of Business

Thinking beyond the frame means opening one’s mind towards other cultures. More than just introducing our students to the world, we bring it to them. We turn education into a true exchange. Thinking beyond the frame means learning differently, to strive differently. Exploring new fields, looking for answers to tomorrow’s questions, designing a future that is a future that’s more inventive, more creative, and in the end, more human. Now more than ever, the world belongs to the open-minded.


Rennes School of Business offers a wide range of scholarships depending on academic performance or social criteria. 

More information here.


Open to: High profile candidates who have a strong academic record.

Amount: 2000€ to 5000€ discounted from the tuition fees.


Open to: Unique life experience and/or remarkable extra-curricular activities student profiles.

Amount: 2000€ to 5000€ discounted from the tuition fees.



Open to: Applicants that have taken French courses at the « Alliance Française » or at any other institutions in their home country offering French language.

Amount: 500€ discounted from the tuition fees.


Open to: Candidates issued from countries impacted by a currency devaluation.

Amount: 2000€ to 5000€ discounted from the tuition fees.


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