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Richmond, The American International University in London

Richmond, The American International University in London Kensington Campus London,
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United Kingdom

Postgraduate Overview

Welcome to Richmond, The American International University in London. Living and studying together, our students from over 100 countries are ready for a world where the ability to communicate effectively across national and cultural boundaries is as valuable as traditional academic achievement. A Richmond education offers a truly global perspective. It examines the patterns of similarities and differences between cultures, and provides you with an intercultural focus. It is challenging and stimulating. It encourages you to form your own opinions.Our MA programs are dually accredited in the US and validated in the UK. They are 1 year full-time programs in conjunction with the International Internship Program. The London Experience: As well as the excitement of living in one of the world's most lively and cosmopolitan cities, London obviously offers spectacular resources and opportunities for learning outside the classroom. However, Richmond courses also bring the life of the city - its people, institutions, politics, problems and history into lectures and class projects. Add to all this an international faculty, flexible curriculum, small classes, and a centrally-located campus in one of London's most beautiful areas, Kensington, and you'll find Richmond a great place to earn a Masters degree!

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