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Royal Agricultural University School of Business

United Kingdom


Education geared to achieving career success is the aim of our business courses. Our School of Business and Entrepreneurship offers a 'generic' business management course and a degree which focuses on the needs of the food and agribusiness sector, the world's premier industry. Our degrees are tailored to the needs of industry, with electives in year three allowing some specialisation. Regular employer liaison aims to ensure that you receive the relevant training required in today's competitive marketplace, thus placing you ahead in the job-race. The Royal Agricultural College (RAC), now the Royal Agricultural University (RAU), was the first agricultural college in the English speaking world. In 1842, the seeds were sown at a meeting of the Fairford and Cirencester Farmers Club. Concerned by the lack of government support for education, Robert Jeffreys-Brown addressed the meeting on the ‘Advantages of a Specific Education for Agricultural Pursuits’. A prospectus was circulated, a general committee appointed and Earl Bathurst was elected President. Funds were raised by public subscription with much of the support coming from the wealthy landowners and farmers of the day; there was no Government support. Earl Bathurst leased a site to build the College and construction in the Victorian Gothic...

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