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The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia successfully combines studies, research, creative self-realisation and career opportunities for students from 152 countries of the world.  RUDN offers 220 Master's programmes, with 25 English-taught courses; 148 PhD programmes in natural sciences, engineering and technological sciences, life science, medicine, humanities and social sciences.  RUDN  has developed one of the country’s largest third tier education systems where  over 3 thousand  students take PhD, postdoc, medical residency and internship courses; 33 dissertation boards handle more than 70 scientific specialties. RUDN is proud of its  scientific schools that are recognised both in Russia and abroad. Priority research areas include chemistry, mathematics, and medicine. Intensively developing areas incorporate IT and nanotechnologies, biomedicine and pharmacy, ecology and environmental management, organization and management of space activities. Given the RUDN specificity, the focus  is put on such University traditional areas as Russian as a foreign language,  methods of teaching Russian culture in a multicultural environment, and foreign languages. To enhance the international scientific relations the University enjoys   the potential of already existing and new educational programmes drawn up in cooperation with foreign partner institutions, the above courses are enriched by joint research programmes. In addition to the above RUDN’s cooperation with industrial enterprises and business entities is one more trend of the university activities. RUDN engages major corporate partners, Russian, foreign and international employers to train students  and employ graduates; to design educational programmes, and to run practice-oriented courses at  RUDN partners’ premises, as well. One of the University’s  primary objectives is to involve graduates and PhD students in research. Over 250 agreements reached with universities and research centers worldwide make it possible for the students  to engage in exchange programmes and study on double diploma programmes.  RUDN enjoys an atmosphere of optimism and cooperation, where the renowned scholars and students from many countries can work together on their research projects, sharing knowledge, expertise and ideas.

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Academic-research Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Hotel Business and Tourism Institute

Institute of Medicine

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