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Salzburg Urstein Institut

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We all talk about economy, but in the end it is always people that exchange ideas and negotiate.

The Salzburg Urstein Institut and its newly founded Urstein University Berlin – University of Applied Sciences offer

  1. Master Programs and
  2. Academic Modules in the fields of
  • Media Innovation Management,
  • Applied Media
  • Environmental Studies and Sustainability and Culture                                                                                          

The courses take place in Salzburg and Berlin, and are accompanied by an extensive Cultural Practice Program for first-hand experience of Europe.

Upon graduation, our network of high-class firms offer internships for our graduates to gain even more hands-on experience.

  • Engineer your Thinking

Transmitted throughout the centuries, from generation to generation, it is our task to set the critical success factors of European philosophy and tradition out in the open, to make them available in a condensed and accessible form, so that anyone can benefit from it, no matter where he or she comes from.

  • Take your Career to the Next Level

Our programmes transmit the cultural framework for the engineering excellence German and Austrian companies are known for and are tailored to the needs of Chinese students, so that they can fully benefit from the enrichment of being educated abroad, both personally and professionally.


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