Sciences Po Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the social sciences and humanities, Middle East and Mediterranean specialisation, Menton Campus Program By Sciences Po |Top Universities

In conjunction with the multidisciplinary programme in the social sciences common to the entire Undergraduate College, students have the opportunity to focus on the political, geopolitical and economic issues of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Gulf countries.

The programme is offered in both English and French and allows students to compare analytical perspectives and refine their reflection on this area of the world. Students are introduced to Arab-Islamic civilisation and religions in the Mediterranean area; study the history of the region's conflicts and the contemporary geopolitical challenges that shape it; and discover its future prospects, paying special attention to the development of Mediterranean Europe, the Arab world, Turkey, Israel and Iran.

In perfect complement to the programme, several of the region's languages are taught, including Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Persian and Hebrew, as is French as a Foreign Language.

The Menton campus accommodates more than 300 students, over 70 percent of whom are from outside France. This cultural diversity makes the first two years on campus an international experience in itself, which is capped off with the third year abroad studying at one of Sciences Po's 470 partner universities or with a dual degree.

Campus life is als- kept vibrant by the vast range of clubs and associations on offer and many events throughout the yeaar. Students are empowered by initiating and taking part in debates, conferences, sporting and cultural events, etc. They are als- encouraged t- get involved in initiatives focused on the local community and citizen engagement.

Thanks t- the small class sizes, students on the campus enjoy very close attention from the faculty for both their studies and extra-curricular activities.

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