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Siberian State Academy of Geodesy



On February, 28 1933 the Siberian Astronomy And Geodesy Institute was founded in Omsk by the decision of the government. This date is considered to be the official birth of the higher educational institution. The first specialties of future graduates were "Astronomic geodesy" and "Map production" and the first enrolment to the institute was 75 students. In autumn of 1936 the Novosibirsk Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (NIIGAiK) was developed from the Geodesy Department. In 1940 there were three NIIGAiK faculitics (Geodetic, Cartographic and Aerial- Phototopographical), the enrolment was 150 students. The Institute began its dynamic growth. For outstanding service in the field of specialists’ training and the development of research work NIIGAiK was awarded the order of "Badge of Honor by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on April 5, 1983." In the 1990-s despite the global changes in the state politics and economy, the Institute continued opening new specialties: "Urban and Land Cadaster", "Information Systems", "Metrology", "Geo-ecology", "Economics and Business Management " and increases contacts with the leading enterprises of Russia, without losing the pace and scope of research and contractual work. The institute changed its status and became known as the Siberian State Academy of Geodesy (SSGA).

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