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Taraz State University named after М.Kh. Dulaty

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In the implementation of experimental educational programs doctoral PhD M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU collaborates with scientists from Germany, Poland , Lithuania, Uzbekistan , Turkey, France and the Russian Federation. In 2012-2013 university attended by more than 20 leading scientists from near and far abroad. Carried out joint educational programs with foreign universities in Spain , the USA, Germany, Poland, Russia to prepare undergraduates and PhD students of technological, technical, economic, legal and philological specialties . During the period of 2012 to 2013 more than 64 faculty of the University, including graduate and PhD doctoral students were research practice and training in leading universities and institutions in countries near and far abroad . As part of the program of the two postgraduate education , on the basis of the signed contract with the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education " Novosibirsk State University" ( Russia), 2nd year graduate majors "Computer Science" and "Mathematics" taught the whole academic year with the protection of the master's thesis in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

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