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Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction

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Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering was established by the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the 6th of May in 1991. The institute is the pivotal educational institution of the Republic on architectural building specialization and it is in charge of the executing the assignments of Higher Education within the national program of personnel training.The teaching staff of the Institute consists of 347 teachers including 16 doctors of science and professors, 89 candidates of science. There are 3854 students studying in 13 branches of Bachelor's degree and 156 students in 20 specializations of Master's degree. Students have the opportunity to gain profound theoretical knowledge and practical consultations during the course of study. Research and educational personnel are trained for seven specialties by the institute of senior researchers. The research works of the Institute are placed among the State scientific and technical program on sustained development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The experts of the institute obtain orders such as - residential and community building designing, building stock seismic vulnerability assessment, and production of effective building materials from anthropogenic wastes.TIACI is collaborating with more than 36 leading universities and institutes of  the world.There are 4 faculties and 23 departments are functioning in TACI:
  1. Faculty of "Architecture". There are 6 departments in this faculty: "Architectural projecting", "Architecture of city building and landscape", "History and theory of architecture", "Landscape design and Interior", "Geometric sketch and projecting on computer", "Art, painting and sculpture".
  2. Faculty of "Construction of buildings and structures".  There are 6 specialized departments at the faculty: "Building and structures", "Building constructions", "Hydraulic construction, bases and substructures", "Building mechanics and seismic stability of constructions", "Organization and technology of building", "Physical training".
  3. Faculty of "Civil engineering infrastructure". There are 5 departments in this faculty: "The technology of building materials, products and construction", "Projecting, construction and use of engineering communications", "Geodesy and cadastre", "Building materials and Chemistry" and "Mathematics and natural subjects".
  4. Faculty of "Management of buildings". There are 6 departments in this faculty: "Мanagement", "Economy and management of immovable property", "Philosophy, sociology and politics", "Uzbek and foreign languages", "Information and information technologies", "Urban planning and economy".In the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, conduct their activities 360 professors-teachers, about 82 candidates of sciences and associate professors. 24.5% of the teaching staff of the Institute have a degree of science.In order to prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of architecture and construction at the level of advanced standards, as well as the development and expansion in the field of international relations, Tashkent institute of architecture and civil engineering is holding tight relations with some of the leading universities of the world.Currently, the institute has 36 "Memorandums” on mutual cooperation in the field of education and science with such countries as:
    Germany, France, Italy, Norway, China, South Korea, Russian Federation, Latvia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Belorussia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

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