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Trinity Business School



Trinity Business School played a pioneering role in popularizing the MBA in Europe and continues to offer one of the most-respected business programs in the world. Its innovative programs are taught and designed by leading researchers as well as high-powered executives and entrepreneurs.

An international destination

It’s not hard to see why 35,000 international students have chosen to study in Ireland. One of the very few European countries to offer a two-year graduate work visa, Ireland’s also the only English-speaking country in the Euro Zone, home to a handful of global finance, high-tech, agricultural and pharmaceutical giants.

Lucrative and in-demand STEM and business coursesTrinity Business School offers the following five undergraduate programs:

    Business studies and a language
    Business, economics and social studies
    Law and business
    Computer science and business

Practical info to get you startedUndergraduate entry requirements vary depending on nationality. Find out more here.

Tuition fees are different for each program, but don’t worry if fees for your chosen course look a little steep. Scholarships are available for international undergraduate students.

Campus Locations

Test Preparation

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