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TSI-Turismo Sant Ignasi (Universitat Ramon Llull)



Training in Hospitality and Tourism school started in Sant Ignasi in September 1987 with Technical studies in Business and Tourism Activities (hereinafter known as TEAT), a certification awarded by the Ministry of Tourism of Spain at the time, and students obtained by examining end Revalidation an official center in Madrid, the Official School of Tourism. These studies were not university studies, and had a duration of three years following high school. During the years 1987 to 2000, the curriculum taught for TEAT and Tourism Sant Ignasi TSI was submitted to the Board Exam for official, for the qualification of approximately 600 students, 50% obtaining the official certification. The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management - Sant Ignasi is an international university whose mission is to promote teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of leadership and management of hospitality and tourism businesses. It aims to contribute to the scientific, social and human training of professionally competent people aware of their responsibility to cooperate in the development of tourism as humanizing global phenomenon and as specific activity of individuals and societies.

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