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Ukhta State Technical University

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Ukhta State Technical University is a representative of oil and gas Universities in Russia. It is the largest technical University in the European North of the Russian Federation. The University was founded on the basis of the Ukhta Industrial Institute (the Institute was founded in 1967). By this time, more than 25000 engineers and economists had graduated in oil, geology, building, and timber industry majors. After the successful attestation on April 14, 1999, the Institute was granted a status of a State Technical University. Alumni — our engineers became mayors and ministers, heads of educational establishments, enterprises, and banks. 423 instructors and scientific workers teach at The University. Among them are 53 Professors with Doctors of Science and 213 Associate professors with Masters of Science. There are academicians and 4 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science, and Honored Scientists of the Republic of Komi. The University on regional, Russian wide and international levels. Every year, almost half of The University students take part in scientific forums at their own University as well as at other Russian Universities. In the post graduate courses of The University candidates and competitors study 23 professional education specialities. Two specialized councils are available...

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