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Universidad Anahuac


With more than 50 years of experience, we in the Universidad Anáhuac México pursue the development of integral people, with an entrepreneurial, innovative and globalized vision, that transcend through their commitment with others, transforming the society in a positive way.
We offer 45 bachelor programs, within 17 Schools and Faculties, focused in the scope of the present world. Our programs are design to provide answers for today´s urges and future´s demands, relying on state of the art educational contents.
Our core academic disciplines are Health sciences, Legal and Social sciences, Communication sciences, Architecture, Art and Design, Engineering, Business, Tourism and Gastronomy.
Our educational model, with a competence-based approach, helps in the comprehensive development of professional training, human and social education and the intellectual and spiritual upbringing of our students. The person is the core of our educational model, that with an innovative approach, endorses the student´s formative process with tools and items that help develop their ability to learn how to learn, to solve problems and to develop ideas and projects, all so they can have a successful integration to the working force of today.
The model is semi flexible allowing the choosing of subjects and academic workloads, spending time with students in other bachelor programs, and to create a network of peers through a daily interdisciplinary coexistence. Our faculty members, all of which have excellent academic studies and pertinent professional experience, guide this continuous training. In our educational model, we include subjects taught in the English language and others with an on-line or semi-on-line methodology.
In today´s hyper-connected world, the university offers the possibility of living an international academic experience for a 6 to 12 month length stay at one of the higher education institutions distributed around the five continents that have an agreement with us.
You may live a unique college life, complementing and personalizing your education with a broad offer of art workshops, sports, voluntary service, leadership programs and student societies, all which will catapult your full scope and enrich your training to grasp tomorrow´s world.
By doing all of these, the alumni at Universidad Anáhuac México yield prime academic and human preparation that will help them to steer their life and their professional practice upon the search of the common good, so they can find an authentic personal and professional fulfillment.

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