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Universidad de Don Bosco

El Salvador


Universidad Don Bosco (UDB) is an apolitical, non-profit institution that provides higher education on the basis of the public interest, a Christian inspiration and the Salesian charisma. It is a member of the Salesian Family both by foundation and philosophy. UDB is a member of the Salesian Institutions of Higher Education (IUS) which encompasses more than 60 universities and technical colleges and institutes offering tertiary education in five continents. Each Salesian institution of higher education is an academic community that fosters the person’s development and the cultural heritage through research, teaching, continued training and an array of services addressed to the public. Inspired by the Salesian charisma, UDB has contributed to the education of well-rounded and high performance professionals by means of a wide offer of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, continued training programs and specialization courses. Furthermore, the University- Enterprise alliance has turned UDB into a technological services provider that generates an active contribution to the productive sector of El Salvador.

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