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Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz (UTEPSA)

Av. Noel Kempff Mercado No 715 3er. Anillo entre av. Busch y av. San Martin Santa Cruz de la Sierra,
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The Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz (UTEPSA) is recognized for its academic quality and its innovative educational system dedicated to the local and international community. It is recognized for the bond it has created with society. This dedication is demonstrated in social responsibility programs and for its successful movement in the process of internationalization of higher education. 

The Mission of UTEPSA is to achieve that each student develops an academic experience of quality, excellence, with values, social responsibility, innovation, competitiveness, and entrepreneurial skills during his integral education to satisfy the demands of a globalized market.

Due to the above mission UTEPSA has justified their efforts in “EDUCATE TO COMMIT AND SERVE”.

Our vision is to be a University with an innovative teaching system that generates students of success, proactive, critical thinking, creativity, competent leaders, capable of solving problems, entrepreneurs, and with social responsibility. 

It is a university with an organization composed of highly competent people, motivated and with recognized expertise.

In Utepsa we are working diligently to be known worldwide, linking students and teachers with internationalization by means academic mobility and missions, thus we have agreements with Universities in countries such as in America, Europe and Asia.

At the same time to strengthen the integration and knowledge in the following prestigious university networks:

Udual.- The Union of Latin American and Caribbean Universities.

Oui.- The Inter-American Organization for Higher Education

Criscos.- Consejo de Rectores por la Integración de la Subregión Centro  Oeste de Sudamérica.

Zicosur.- The Integration Zone of the South American West Centre (Zicosur).

Utepsa is supporting its academic quality that has achieved the international accreditation of:  MERCOSUR's educational parameters through the system Arcosur for the careers of Industrial, Commercial, Electronic and Computing engineering.

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