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Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz (UTEPSA)

Av. Noel Kempff Mercado No 715 3er. Anillo entre av. Busch y av. San Martin Santa Cruz de la Sierra,
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Postgraduate Overview

The Postgraduate College at the Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz (UTEPSA) promotes courses with updated content in relation to industry and company needs. It is a continuous training center that aims to generate an environment of professional knowledge exchange, establishing a network of interdisciplinary contacts to enhance interpersonal and inter-institutional relationships. Thus, promoting a generation of ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship to solve current and potential challenges in the Bolivian society.

The Postgraduate School is characterized for delivering technical, scientific, professional and human skills to the students, accompanied by national and international facilitators with extensive professional academic teaching background. The academic methodology is based on the exchange of live experiences between the professor and the student, this being the strength of continuous learning.

The infrastructure of the campus is an award-winning building for its design, extension and construction, with spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned, illuminated, secured and accessible classrooms. Each of the areas has multimedia touch screens, high-speed Wi-Fi internet and state-of-the-art equipment with the aim of supporting the professors in the classrooms.

The Logistics unit and the Information Technology area provide professors with the necessary technical support to boost efficient and adequate teaching requirements of the postgraduate programs.

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