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Université Paris Dauphine


UNIVERSITE PARIS-DAUPHINE (founded in 1968) In the heart of Paris, a research university specialised in Organisation and Decision sciences A leading position in France and a strong international visibility - A research university specialised in Organisation and Decision sciences, recognised by its stakeholders at the national and international levels for its multi-disciplinary approach (management sciences, economics, mathematics, computer science, law, social sciences) to apprehend organisations, decision-making and management - The one and only EQUIS accredited French university - Co-founder and member of PSL Research University, a major multidisciplinary alliance (such as the Ecole normale superieure, the College de France, the Institut Curie, the Observatoire de Paris etc...) selected as an . excellence initiative . by an international jury - 285 agreements with 231 institutions in 51 countries (cooperation agreements...) A high-qualified core faculty - 564 professors and researchers (372 tenured professors and researchers, 30 contract professors, 162 contract assistant) - Of which over 18 % is international faculty - Over 2600 published articles (2009/2011) An attractive and selective university - some 9 500 students - over 430 are Phd (of which 50 % in from overseas) - more than one fourth are foreigners - Some 1900 in executives education programmes...

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