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Universitas Tarumanagara

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Undergraduate Overview

Tarumanagara University has sixteen undergraduate study programs distributed in eight faculties. They are Management, Accounting, Law, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Medicine, Psychology, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design, Informatics Engineering, Information Technology, and Communication Science Study Programs. To graduate from an undergraduate program, students must pass all the subjects offered for that program.

To be admitted, a candidate must pass the general requirements of physical and mental well-being with no trace of intoxicants (narcotics, psychotropics, or other addictive substances). A blood and urine sample from the candidate will be collected and tested. A scanned certificate of completion from a high school accredited by the Ministry of National Education is also required. The application form should be submitted to the university, online or hard copy, along with the medical statements and high school diploma. Once the prospective student's application is eligible for consideration, they will need to take a written admission examination consisting of general competence in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and mathematics. Candidates for Interior Design and Visual Communication Design Study Program require an additional sketching skill test.  Candidates for the Medicine Study Program must take a psychological examination as well.

For an international student to be accepted, they must submit the following documents: passport photograph (3 cm x 4 cm), passport, a financial statement guaranteeing support for tuition fees and living expenses, a physician issued medical statement declaring the student’s free of serious health issues, a letter of representation (declarative letter stating a candidate is not engaged in any political activity, or is a member of any political party, and has not received a scholarship from the Indonesian government), a letter of acceptance from UNTAR (or an MoU for exchange students), and a letter of request to study at UNTAR.  International student's tuition fees depend on the study program they are enrolled. Costs vary between programs. The tuition fees of UNTAR consist of an educational development fee and a semester fee. The educational development fee is a one-time payment at the beginning of the program. The cost is the same for all students in the same study program. The semester fee is based on two factors.  The first factor is a credit fee which depends on how many credit hours a student is taking during the semester.  The second factor is the educational administration cost. The amount of the semester fee varies from one study program to another. At the undergraduate level, scholarships are available only for domestic students.

Tarumanagara Foundation offers scholarships to these eligible students. Eligibility is based on talent, merit, and need. Talent-based scholarships are for students who have talent in music, sports, dance, and art, as well as academic aptitude. Merit-based scholarships are for students who have academic aptitude for their study program.  Students who have the academic aptitude but need financial assistance are eligible for the need-based scholarships. In addition to Foundation scholarships, scholarship offers come from other institutions as well, for example, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Hana Bank, Salim Group Foundation, Dharma Bhakti Kalbe Foundation, Yayasan Pelayanan Kasih A.A. Rahmat, Marga Jaya Foundation, and the Djarum Foundation. Jakarta provincial government also offers scholarships to university students.

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