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Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC)

08017 Immaculada, 22 Barcelona,
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International University of Catalonia is a private, non-profit, liberal arts and co-educational university founded in 1997 with the aim of serving society. The university provides individualized academic education with an international approach, focus on research and hands-on professional experience. We are committed to providing quality and personalized education. Studentsâ?? education focuses on what will become their professional careers. We aim to increase their skills and knowledge so that they can easily adapt to new challenges of today's world. The university maintains close relationships with the business community through internship programs across Europe. This enables our students not only to gain hands-on professional experience as interns abroad but also to learn foreign languages in a professional context and study part of their programme in foreign universities. After graduating our students join the professional world with guarantees. Our prestige in this field is reflected in the way the business community values our graduates as shown by the high percentage of graduates who find their first employment right after graduation. The range of studies offered by our university is complemented by various Master and Doctorate Degrees, postgraduate courses and continuing education programmes allowing students to obtain in-depth specialization in different areas of knowledge.

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