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Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble 1

  • SIZE> 12,000 students

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  • FOCUS Comprehensive

University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble 1 (UJF) is one of the top universities in France. It provides students with its high-quality education, enabling them to gain strong professional skills. 17000 students are registered at UJF to study a wide range of disciplines covering sciences, technology, medicine and society (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology, Medicine, Pharmacology, Mechanics, Engineering and Technology, Earth and Universe Sciences, Environment, Geography, Sports science and Physical Education). UJF offers a variety of bachelor and master programmes (52 bachelor’s degrees, 84 research-oriented or vocational master’s degrees) and has 8 doctoral schools. Students can also register at the Institute of Technology (IUT1), which provides a wide scope of vocationally orientated courses, or at the Enginering School (Polytech’ Grenoble). UJF is active within 70 laboratories and its top level research is developed in partnership with national research bodies and major international facilities*. UJF laboratories host more than 1400 PhD students. Every year, over 300 theses are submitted. This high calibre research is divided into four main areas : Earth and Universe sciences, Environment and Society ; Life and Health Sciences, Chemistry and Bioengineering ; Mathematics, Information and Communication Sciences and Technology ; Materials Science and Engineering. UJF capitalizes on...
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Number of academic faculty staff

In total

Number of students

Postgraduate 38%
Undergraduate 62%

Number of international students

Postgraduate 66%
Undergraduate 34%
The numbers, stats, stars and rankings data are provided by QS Intelligence Unit.
The numbers, stats, stars and rankings data are provided by QS Intelligence Unit.

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