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University of Diyala

Diyala province Baaquba,

Undergraduate Overview

Undergraduate students are required to take seven courses per semester – meaning students are able to get a bachelor’s degree of 135 units within four years. Find out more about the courses here.

There are 14 colleges at the University of Diyala:

•    College of Basic Education
•    College of Education for Humanities
•    College of Education for Pure Sciences
•    Physical Education and Sports Science
•    College of Engineering
•    College of Science
•    College of Law and Political Science
•    College of Medicine
•    College of Veterinary Medicine
•    College of Agriculture
•    College of Islamic Sciences
•    College of Administration and Economy
•    College of Fine Arts
•    College of Education Al-Miqdad

Undergraduate entry requirements include:

•    Secondary stage graduation certificate
•    The student’s final grade will determine whether you can attend the university for free

Tuition fees are up to 2000 dollars annually.

The University supports international students in providing affordable housing, as well as free books and free health treatment.

Campus Locations