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University of Leicester - School of Management

United Kingdom


The University of Leicester School of Management is increasingly recognised as one of the top management schools in the United Kingdom, with an excellent international reputation for the development and teaching of intellectually stimulating business administration and management courses that are highly relevant to your career needs. Our vibrant group of scholars in accounting, finance, HR, marketing, management and organisation studies have developed a distinctive intellectual profile for the School which emphasises the centrality of ongoing, ethically informed, critical reflection in the delivery of meaningful managerial research and sustainable management practice. We share an intellectual conviction that organising is a highly complex historical phenomenon and that management is best understood in an inter-disciplinary context, drawing from the disciplines of sociology, politics, philosophy and economics as well as from developments in critical psychology, cultural geography, cultural studies and organisational theory. The Leicester Model As a business management school, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of management and organisations drawing from across the social sciences and, unlike most mainstream western business schools, our concern is as much with challenging the status quo rather than perpetuating it. We create space to debate management and seek in doing so to give voice...

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