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University of M'Hamed Bougara Boumerdes

M'hamed Bougara University, 35000 Independence Avenue, Boumerdes. Boumerdes View map


M'Hamed BOUGARA Boumerdès University was created in 1998 by Executive Decree No. 98-189 of 02 June 1998 on the basis of the grouping of six (6) National Institutes whose creation dates back to the 60s and 70s. (National Institute of Hydrocarbons (INH), National Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (INELEC), National Institute of Mechanical Engineering (INGM), National Institute of Building Materials (INMC), National Institute of Manufacturing Industries (INIM) and National Institute Food Industries (INIA)).
In parallel with the training inherited from these former national institutes, the University has opened, since its creation, other branches in Sciences and Technologies, Sciences of Nature and Life, Economics and Management Sciences, Commercial Sciences, Law and Language. and Foreign Literatures in the classical system.
The LMD system, introduced since the 2004/2005 academic year, has nine (9) domains (science and technology, Science of matter, mathematics and computer science , science of nature and life, Arabic literature and languages, Economic science; management and commercial, Arabic languages and literature, law and political science and science and technology of physical and sports activities). Each domain includes at least one course. This system is significantly better than the conventional system. in the extension of the LMD licenses  3rd cycle  Masters and doctorate courses have been opened.

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