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Undergraduate Programmes

The University of Pisa offers: 58 Bachelor’s degree programmes and 8 Long single cycle degree programmes.

Furthermore the University of Pisa offers an International Programme in Humanities (IPH), a one-year programme taught exclusively in English. It is also the first year of a three-year Bachelor’s Degree Programme in:

either History, or Philosophy, or Cultural Heritage Studies or Science of Communication and Performing Arts.

Students will experience a full immersion into Italian language and culture, which will then prepare them to study years 2 and 3 mainly in Italian.


Year 1 of the IPH programme: €2,500 (IPH fees) + Tuition fees

Years 2 and 3 of the Bachelor’s degree programme: Tuition fees only

Tuition fees vary between € 407 and € 2,354 depending on country of origin and academic merit.

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From the a.y. 2016-2017 the University of Pisa offers a Foundation Year (FY), a one-year programme taught exclusively in English which bridges the gap between High School and University studies. This programme equips students with the appropriate academic grounding for an Italian degree at the University of Pisa.

This programme is aimed at: • International students who have 11 years of schooling and have successfully completed High School • American students who have not taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses during the last year of High School nor have attended 2 years of College

Fees and Services Fees: €5,000

This cost includes: -Lesson time for all courses taken -Sightseeing trips -Access to the University facilities (libraries, dining halls, etc...) -Assistance from an Academic Tutor -Assistance from a Logistics Coordinator who will assist students with any paperwork necessary to settle in Pisa (permits, accommodation, etc...

For information regarding payment, please send us an email at [email protected]

How to Apply Students must fill in this application form for the Foundation Year and send it to: [email protected]

Application deadline: 5th July, 2016

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