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Master of Arts in Anthropology

Master of Arts in Anthropology

  • QS World University Rankings
  • Study Level Masters
  • Duration 12 months
  • Scholarships No
The University of Wyoming's Master's of Arts in Anthropology is designed to be completed in two years, and to teach students the skills required for conducting rigorous research. To emphasize the importance for well rounded education, M.A. students are required to take core courses in cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology, and archaeology. Completion, with a grade of "B" or better of a four core-course sequence. This sequence will consist of ANTH 5010, 20th Century Anthropological Theory; ANTH 5015, Archaeological Theory and Method; ANTH 5020, Biological Anthropology; and ANTH 5030, Linguistic Anthropology. First semester (fall): Students will submit form to the graduate advisor and department head identifying their thesis advisor BEFORE the graduate assistant allocation meeting (mid-late November). Second semester (spring): Students will work with their advisor to select their committee, which must be formed and on-file in the department office by the end of the semester. During the core classes' final exam periods, students give a presentation to departmental faculty which outlines the general ideas for their proposed thesis. Third semester (fall): Working closely with their advisor and committee, students complete a detailed prospectus and gain approval from thesis committee for MA thesis topic. Fourth semester (spring): Thesis is completed and is approved by thesis committee. Any M.A. student receiving a grade of C or less in two core classes will be expelled from the program. Second semester research presentations are assessed by all department faculty in attendance at the presentation and evaluations will be given to the student's advisors. It is expected that students will work closely with their advisors to rectify any problems before they complete their thesis prospectus in the third semester. If not completed prior to admission; three semesters of a single foreign language and one statistics course must be completed. Plan B (non-thesis) See university minimum requirements. All requirements for a Plan A except thesis, if not completed prior to admission; three semesters of a single foreign language and one statistics course must be completed.

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