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Master of Science in Natural Sciences

Master of Science in Natural Sciences

  • QS World University Rankings
  • Study Level Masters
  • Duration 24 months
  • Scholarships No
The Science and Mathematics Teaching Center (SMTC) is governed jointly by the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences. The SMTC offers three graduate degree programs with multiple degree concentrations, certification options, and endorsement options. Masters of Science in Natural Science Middle Level Math (MMA) Developed at the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center (SMTC) with National Science Foundation (NSF) funds, to expand math content knowledge and appropriate pedagogy for instruction at the middle-level grades. The participant focus is teachers contracted to teach mathematics at the middle-level who do not currently have a mathematics content certification/degree. The content courses can be used as professional development towards meeting the federal definition of a "highly qualified" teacher. Additionally, PTSB is continuing to use this Middle Level Math program as a model in developing middle school standards. Each new cohort of students is expected to begin in the summer of each year but can start in the fall or spring if necessary. Middle Level Science (MSC) Designed for elementary, middle school, and general science teachers who want to deepen their understanding of science concepts and environments that support teaching and learning science. The program is based on national and state science standards, addressing the need for "Highly Qualified" teacher status in science education. Courses provide content and pedagogy through interdisciplinary connections and contextual applications to real word situations. Unifying themes and processes in science and the view of science as inquiry drive the courses. Courses with a focus on science content, instructional strategies, and research rotate on a three year sequence among interdisciplinary problems drawn from the disciplines of physical science, earth science, and life science. Natural Science Education (NED) This Concentration is limited to students accepted into the Teton Science School Residency Program. The first year of study is at the Teton Science School site and the second year is at the University of Wyoming campus. Fifteen designated credit hours will be completed through the Teton Science School Residency Program. Last 15 credit hours are on the UW campus. Students will work with a 3-member faculty committee to design a balanced program of study in selected science content, science pedagogy, and related coursework. This concentration is intended for individuals pursuing careers as environmental and natural science educators in non-public school settings.

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