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Be Welcome to UPAEP through this website. We are extremely pleased you’re visiting us. In this lines we share with you our Institution’s deepest conviction in searching and transmitting the Truth in in an environment with authentic respect and freedom, inspired in catholic humanism principles. In UPAEP we want to reassure that the college experience in different areas, modalities and levels of learning, becomes a life experience, that allow you to potentiate all your skills, to become a better person, professional and citizen. Our University has a very high commitment with academic quality, wich is reflected in our teacher’s talents; world class labs and infrastructure, research lines, and in the multiple choices to accomplish international Exchange in universities of all continents. UPAEP’s college life offers you a great variety of activities and spaces for studying, cultivation of fine arts, sports, and leadership and student representation groups participation. You are an essential factor in the enrichment of this environment, participate and feel free to reach us and share your proposals and ideas.

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