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Volga State University of Technology

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Located in Yoshkar-Ola (population 250,000), the capital city of Mari El Republic in the Russian Federation, Volga State University of Technology (established in 1932) is now a dynamically developing, internationally oriented higher education institution offering more than 85 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, and over 50 postgraduate programs at Faculties of Timber Engineering, Mechanics and Machine Building, Radio Engineering, Civil Engineering, Information Technologies and Computer Engineering, Forestry and Ecology, Environmental and Water Management, Social Studies, Management and Law, and Economics. Language of instruction is Russian. There is a Pre-university Faculty for international students with 1-year program of the Russian language for further enrollment. Volga Tech provides cutting edge research opportunities in state-of-the-art laboratories. Priority areas of research include Forestry, Biotechnology, Renewable Energy Supply, Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics, Rediotechnics. The Botanical Garden (institute) of the university owns a huge collection of plants. Sport facilities include swimming pool, gyms and stadium. All international students live in comfortable and secure dormitories. Volga Tech maintains international cooperation links with universities and research centers in the EU member states, CIS countries, China and Turkey.

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