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Wright Graduate University


Whether you are interested in enhancing your leadership ability in your chosen vocation or in coaching as a career, the degree and certificate programs through Wright Graduate University are designed to help you succeed. Along with skill development, we also offer high-level academic studies that take you to the intellectual core of transformational leadership and coaching, including psychology, philosophy, and education. Then we build on this foundation with cutting-edge research in human development, motivation, and behavior. Together it is a combination designed to maximize your success as a transformational student, leader, and coach in your chosen vocation. This unique transdisciplinary approach to curriculum is further distinguished by how we combine classic academic inquiry with group projects, performative learning, and one-on-one mentoring. As you study, you’ll prepare yourself to advance in your current career—sales, education, consulting, business, etc.—or to develop a career in coaching. (We offer certificate programs in Transformational Leadership, Transformational Coaching, Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Coaching, and Social Intelligence for Leadership and Coaching, specifically to address growing interest and opportunity in these emerging areas of career development.)

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