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If you could choose any city in the world to study in, which would it be? Or perhaps you’ve already had the chance to study in a great student city, and want to spread the word?

Share your opinions in the short survey below, and help create the next edition of the QS Best Student Cities index.

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Hi Mahiat, I don't know of any sport scholarships, but I can link you to our lists of scholarships to study engineering and scholarships to study in Europe. Best of luck with your search!

Hola QS, Mi saludo desde la Universidad Nacional del Este, Ciudad del Este. Paraguay

I wish to study Tourism and Hospitality, in Germany, how best can I be helped.
I'm Silence G from Zimbabwe

Hi Silence, I'd recommend starting by having a look at the top universities in Germany for hospitality using the subject rankings. Our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany can also help to get you started. :) 

Very good ide

Dear concerned,
I would like to introduce myself as; I am Mr. Sultan, a graduate pharmacist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. From my personal interest i wanna change my discipline for masters program like social science or law etc. Is it possible to get such opportunity for masters program in Europe or North America? Thank you.

Boston is the best.

Hi I am from Pakistan and my major is commerce in my college and I am interested to study in UK universities can you help me to find out best university in UK for commerce related subjects like B-S Accounting and finance and BBA etc

Hi Qumber, here's a link to our latest ranking by subject for accounting and finance. The results can be narrowed down to show only UK universities, and you can find out more about studying in the UK with our complete guide

I am interested to study a course where I can have a good network that enable me to become billionare.Have a multibillion business project.That is the course that I am searching.

I come from China and this my second year at my university in China. And my major is Computer science and Technology, I want to study abroad in the related major. Can you help me, plz?

Hello, you can find a range of computer science scholarships here

it would wonder to know and understand what are the best choise for mba in US and Englad having in count, it could be cheaper and good at the same time for Software engineers. Kind regards

Hi Guillermo, you can find the latest MBA rankings over on our sister site, TopMBA.com.

I am from malaysia and have completed my secondary school byt dont have a guide to further my studies

Please help me to get german visa to study there my engineering qualifications

It's best ,

Hi Mohd, please take a look at our article 'how to get a German student visa'. 

please i'm jul from Ghana. i completed secondary school but don't have any help to further my education..pls

Try applying for mastercard foundation scholarships in various universities. Search on google

Hi mam
I am a student from India pursuing my bachelor's in cbz. I have applied for masters in horticulture at Poznan University of life sciences. I need some information on the college and would you recommend any other college in Poland for the same course?

Please help me to go Germany

Dear ,Respectfully representer
I am Simanto Mondol. I am from Bangladesh. Now I am Study in Moscow,Russia. I completed my higher secondary from Bangladesh. I am coming Russia for Graduation but here I see it need to learn Russian language. There have no course an English. Some university have English but it is too expensive. So I want to study in Vilnius University in Business Management. I heard that I need IELSTS with 5.5 . But I do not have it . So without IELTS it is possible to continue my bachelors in Vilnius University.

good noon sir i am in intermediate last month and now i wanna apply for scholarship for IT(computer science) please tell me some scholarships thankyou. And how can i apply for that?

Hi Anikat, we've listed a range of computer science scholarships around the world here - the application process will vary between scholarship providers, but you'll usually apply online and attach all the documents they require, possibly including a scholarship essay

Good afternoon Sir im a curent Bsc Zoology student please wish to know is it possible to have a Scholarship in medecine?
Also please what is the requiement?

Hi Bokagne, yes - you can find a list of medical scholarships around the world here. The requirements will vary depending on what each scholarship provider stipulates. Best of luck with your applications!

I want to do mba , my ielts score 6.5 not less than 6.0 band ,country india,year of passing 2011,bba graduate higher qualification. Since 2011 work till today.
Kindly help me to choose the better collage according to my position.

Mam it's my dream to have my bachelor's degree form usa but for little shortcomes and financial problem I'm not able to fulfill my dream as I'm not enough good in my studies so to recover my shortcomes I give my self 3 years to be well prepared for studying there.
So Mam I wanna ask you about the scholarships to which I can pursue to get admission there for having my Master's degree in usa.
And you may say about the scholarships to study in usa for bachelor's degree for this dull student in least cost.
Plus Mam pls

Hi there, we have a list of scholarships to study in the US here.

I want to study architecture engineering! I do not have any information about abored universities . Can anyone help me .. 1 thing Iam always nervous about is the my high school grades (( my country system of education is different from uk))

Hi Ary, if you'd like to study in the UK or any other country, you'll need to check that your high school qualifications are acceptable for entry into undergraduate programs. Your school leaver qualifications are likely to be accepted, but it's worth getting in touch with the university if you're unsure. You may need to take a foundation course if your qualifications aren't accepted. 

Hi I want to do engineering and Im confused to do it in China or Germany please if someone have any informations tell me !!!

Hi Saida, checking our latest subject rankings could help - we have a ranking for the engineering and technology broad subject area, as well as rankings for particular branches of engineering, if those are of interest (e.g. civil engineering). You can then narrow the results down by country to see how German and Chinese universities ranked. We also have guides to studying in Germany and China.

Hi please how can I apply for scholarship

Hi Mahamat, please have a look at our complete guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad, which includes guidance on applications. :)

I don’t have any information about acceptance grade for under graduating?? I hope you understand because my English is not so good ... thanks for your helps

i want to do PhD in U.K can u please inform me how to apply for scholarship

Hi Faiza, you can read about how to apply for scholarships in our complete guide on How to Find Scholarships to Study Abroad, and you might also like to read our article on funding a PhD in the UK. Hope this helps!

I want to major in English and history from u.k. Can you please tellme how to apply for scholarship

Hi Akanksha, you can find a selection of scholarships to study in the UK here, and our complete guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad includes advice on how to apply. Hope this is helpful.

Hey dear Mam / Sir help for my BS computer science.

Hi Awais, what do you need help with? :)

hello! I too, am a grade 11 learner and i am aiming at studying either psychology or law in USA.. any detail related to it i, criteria required to apply for universities or anything.. please let me know

Hi Shivnita, I'd recommend reading our complete guide on how to study abroad in the US to help get you started, which includes information on admission requirements. Law is only available as a graduate JD program in the US and you'll need to take the LSAT to get into law school.

Hey!! Guys please help me for my ms computing scholarship

Hi Shamal, we have a list of computer science scholarships here. :)

I need this scholarship
Please reply me..
Email me

I'm a grade 11 learner ,I'm aiming to study at USA,but then I don't know how to apply for scholarships ,if you're out there having any info about what I'm looking for please help....

check it out, I found a new scholarship at https://bbr-education.com/us-business-school-guide/