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What’s it like to be an international student studying in Padua, Italy?

By Linda M

Updated April 26, 2021 Updated April 26, 2021

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If you’re an international student dreaming of studying in Italy, chances are you’re struggling to narrow down your options – between beautiful landscapes, great cultural spots and tasty local cuisines, there are simply too many great cities to choose from.

Padua is one of them. Located in the north of the country and not too far from Venice, this picturesque city is an incredibly popular study destination.

We spoke to international students at the University of Padua to find out what it’s like to live and study in Italy, and what makes Padua an ideal place to study abroad.

An ideal city to experience Italian culture

Padua is notorious for its small size but big-city feel. Between the oldest university botanical garden in the world, UNESCO World Heritage sites – which students can visit for free – and a wide range of museums, monuments and local markets, the city is perfect for anyone looking to experience Italian culture without compromising on accessibility and comfort.

Marie, a cognitive neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology master’s student from Germany, said: “I personally fell in love with Padua. It’s a very typical Italian student city – you can go around by bike, which is awesome – and it has everything you could ever want: parks, art, small streets and awesome surroundings.”

Don Niko, an astrophysics and cosmology master’s student from the Philippines, added: “The place is very beautiful, the people are warm and friendly, and the food is delicious. This way of life is very stimulating.”

And there’s more: another perk of studying in Padua is its ideal location. Thanks to its proximity to Venice, Milan, Verona, the Alps, the Dolomites and Lake Garda, as well as two airports, international students can take full advantage of the study abroad experience and explore some of the world’s most famous travel destinations.

As Jiawen, a business administration student from China, said: “Padua is located in the most dynamic Italian region. I fell deeply in love with this city and the university, it was such a great experience.”

A friendly international environment

Moving abroad isn’t always easy, especially as an international student. For this reason, the city of Padua and the University of Padua have ensured that the student environment is organised, friendly and – most importantly – culturally diverse.

In fact, thousands of international students can benefit from 45 programmes taught in English, special welcome initiatives, personalised support from the Global Engagement Office, free Italian language courses, and a warm local community.

Arusei, a biotechnologies for food science student from Kenya, said: “I’m happy to be a student here. The university has a very diverse student population, where you can interact with and learn from people from different cultures. It’s an excellent place to study and grow.”

Rrezon, a business administration graduate from Kosovo, added: “This was my best international experience so far. The local students are there to make sure that you also enjoy your time out of class, it’s an exciting environment to be in.”

High-quality teaching at an affordable price

If you’re dreaming of studying at a university with a great academic reputation, then look no further: the University of Padua was ranked first in Italy for teaching and research quality by the ANVUR, the national agency for the evaluation of Higher Education institutions.

Founded in 1222, the historical university is also notorious for research quality and a multidisciplinary curriculum. No matter what your degree may be, the University of Padua offers a wide range of programmes that will match your academic profile and personal interests – from engineering to business, science, humanities, agriculture, and much more.

Don Niko said: “The level of learning is world-class. The depth of knowledge you receive from the professors is amazing. You get to interact with world-renowned researchers and academicians, where not only will you receive knowledge, but also the wealth of experiences that they have. 

“The research facilities and laboratories are also very advanced. I still can’t believe that I am at a university with centuries of history and heritage, where Galileo, Copernicus and many other historical and influential people once were. My experience here is unforgettable and life-changing.”

What’s more, Padua is a great city for developing your curriculum and gaining first-hand professional experiences. In fact, the university offers international students a plethora of upskilling opportunities, including internships, collaborations with partner universities, industry-led projects and soft-skill development events.

And if you’re worried about fees, don’t be. The university offers competitive tuition fees in comparison with other top-ranking universities, offering students advantageous financial aid opportunities, such as lower tuition and scholarships.

This article was originally published in January 2021 . It was last updated in April 2021

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