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How Jessica Got Into the University of Oxford

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Jessica decided in her second last year of high school that she was going to study overseas. The US and UK were the natural selection for Jessica; however, US and UK universities are a totally different species to her home country’s system, and their respective applications are complex and multifaceted, consisting of:

  • Essays
  • Interviews
  • Entry tests
  • Extracurricular activities

...and much more.

Jessica needed expert advice to help her navigate the tricky application pathway.

Jessica’s journey

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Jessica took on the superhuman task of applying to 11 US universities and five UK universities, all while dealing with the stress and pressure of her final year of high school.

With the support of a Crimson team, Jessica achieved some amazing results, including:

  • Top of Year in Physics Cup 2017
  • Academic Prefect for 2017
  • Scholarship offers to a number of top local universities

Jessica turned down all her local university scholarship offers to study at her dream institution, the University of Oxford. All the hard work paid off.

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