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Penn Graduates are the Highest Earners in the Ivy League

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Craig OCallaghan

Updated Mar 24, 2021



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University of Pennsylvania graduates are the highest earners in the Ivy League, according to a recent study based on data from millions of anonymous tax records. 

By the age of 34, the average Penn graduate is earning a whopping $91,800 a year, more than the average salary of graduates from Brown, Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell or Columbia.

Things are even better if you’re a man, with the average male graduate earning $110,200 a year. As the gender pay gap is still, depressingly, a thing, average earnings are much lower for female graduates: just $76,400.

The next biggest earners after Penn graduates are workers who attended Princeton or Harvard. Princeton graduates earn an average of $90,700 by the age of 34, while Harvard grads earn $81,500.

Bottom of the Ivy League pile is Brown, where average income for graduates is just $66,900.

So, if you’re interested in an Ivy League education and want to be earning big money at the end of it, Penn looks like being the place to be.

However, while it comes top of the Ivy League for graduate income, Penn is only eighth in the US when compared to all 2,137 institutions included in the report from the New York Times. Graduates from the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy are actually the best-paid in the country, earning an average salary of $123,600 by the time they turn 34.

Other institutions in the top five are: Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences ($115,800), MCPHS ($112,700), University of the Sciences ($102,700) and MIT ($98,500).

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