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These Are the Best US Campuses for Seeing the Solar Eclipse

These Are the Best US Campuses for Seeing the Solar Eclipse  main image

On Monday, the US will be treated to a solar eclipse, the first to pass over the country in the 21st century. According to NASA, observers along the path of totality, a narrow strip of land stretching across 14 states from Lincoln Beach to South Carolina, will witness a total solar eclipse, a rare sight of the moon completely covering up the sun and its atmosphere.

Many universities and public institutions are holding events for people to gather and witness the eclipse together. If you’re currently studying at or live close to any of these 10 universities, you’re in luck. Don’t forget to wear eclipse glasses though!

All times are local.

1. Oregon State University

Students at Oregon State University will be treated to a total eclipse between 10:16am and 10:18am. Definitely worth getting out of bed for it! If you’re at all interested, there’ll be a Space Grant Festival: A Total Eclipse Experience on campus over the weekend and a watch party on Monday.

2. Corban University

In Salem, you will witness a total solar eclipse between 10:17am and 10:18 am. Get ready Warriors!

3. The University of Wyoming

Experience the total solar eclipse in Wyoming between 11:38am and 11:41 am.

4. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is right on the inner edge of the eclipse’s path. Had the university been built just a few miles north, you’d have had to make do with only a partial eclipse, but fortunately that’s not the case. Expect it to take place in the afternoon between 1:02pm and 1:04pm.

5. The University of Missouri

If you live in Columbia, Missouri, remember to take some time out at lunch to go outside and watch the eclipse. Have your eclipse glasses at the ready between 1:12pm and 1:14 pm.

6. Vanderbilt University

In Nashville, Tennessee, you will also be treated to an afternoon eclipse. It’ll be between 1:27pm and 1:29pm.

7. Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University’s tigers will be spoiled for choice, when it comes to finding a good spot on campus to watch the eclipse. Just make sure you don’t miss it. It’ll be between 1:27pm and 1:29pm. If you’re living in Cookeville or a student of Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, you should watch the solar eclipse at the viewing party in Tucker Stadium.

8. Fisk University

Also in Nashville, Fisk Bulldogs will get to experience the total eclipse between 1:27pm and 1:29pm.

9. Southern Illinois University

If you’re living in Carbondale, Illinois, or studying at Southern Illinois University, the total solar eclipse will occur between 1:20 and 1:22 pm. The university is organising a two-day Crossroads Astronomy, Science and Technology Expo and a viewing party on the day at Saluki Stadium.

10. Clemson University

Clemson University will be able to observe the total solar eclipse between 2:37pm and 2:39pm.

11. University of South Carolina

Meanwhile, along the East Coast, the total solar eclipse will be between 2:41pm and 2:44pm. If you’re a student of Furman University in Greenville, you should join the various events on the day on campus, which include live music, streaming coverage from NASA and various other activities.

If you’re living or studying outside of the eclipse’s path of totality, don’t worry. The eclipse will still be partially visible from everywhere else in mainland USA. For more information and tips on how to watch the eclipse, check out NASA’s explainer.

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