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DIPONEGORO UNIVERSITY PROFILE Diponegoro University (Undip - http://undip.ac.id) is a prominent university, located in Semarang, the capital of Central Java, and is considered as the best university in Semarang. Firstly named as University of Semarang, Diponegoro University was a private university established on January 9th 1957. On its 3rd anniversary, President Sukarno changed the name of University of Semarang to Diponegoro University and changed its status to state university, which is then legally confirmed through government decree. Diponegoro Undip is located in Semarang, a capital city of Central Java Province. The university campuses is distributed to 5 campuses which is located in Tembalang, Gunung Brintik, Jepara, and Pleburan. Pleburan campus is the oldest campus among the campuses. It occupies approximately 7 ha, where all the faculties of Social Sciences, Post Graduate Program and several other units are located. Gunung Brintik campus a where it is located next to dr. Kariadi Hospital is the site of Faculty of Medicine. Tembalang campus, the newest and largest campus of approximately 213 ha, is the location of central administration and all faculties of Sciences and Technology. Meanwhile in Jepara, Teluk Awur campus, that covering an area of approximately 60 ha, is the site of faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science. Semarang is an attractive, compact and successful capital city. High quality of life indicated by independent research, excellent cultural, sporting and entertainment facilities. Semarang is a thriving and attractive city which is widely recognised as an outstanding place in which to live and study. It combines all the advantages of a compact, friendly and inexpensive location with the cultural and recreational facilities of a towards modern capital city. UNDIP is one of the most popular state universities in Indonesia, with an international reputation for its teaching and research. As one of the Indonesia's leading universities, our reputation rests on the high quality of our teaching - both for undergraduates and postgraduates, our outstanding research, and our work with the world and local community, businesses and industry. This is underpinned by our mission to lead in the development of human capital and innovative technologies that will contribute to the nation's wealth creation. The University has developed a range of innovative study facilities supported by various grants with the latest technology and comforting hostel accommodation which can fills up by new students. Vision: To be an excellent Research University in 2020 Mission: * to improve the quality and the quantity of education to produce graduates having high competences and to contribute to the development of science, technology, and art. * To improve the quality and the quantity of research, publication, and intellectual property rights as an effort to develop science, technology,and art by prioritizing local culture and resources. * to improve the quality and the quantity of community services as an effort to apply and develop science,technologyand art. * to improve professionalism, capability, accountability, and independency in the university governance. UNDIP Milestones: * 2005: Efficient Education University * 2010: Ready for Research University * 2015: Research University Embryo * 2020: Become Research University * 2025: Excellent Research University Undip has 12 Faculties: (1). Postgraduate Program (http://www.pasca.undip.ac.id) (2). Faculty of Law (http://www.fh.undip.ac.id) (3). Faculty of Economics and Business (http://www.feb.undip.ac.id) (4). Faculty of Engineering (http://www.ft.undip.ac.id) (5). Faculty of Medicine (http://www.fk.undip.ac.id) (6). Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture (http://www.fp.undip.ac.id) (7). Faculty of Culture Science (http://www.fib.undip.ac.id) (8). Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (http://www.fisip.undip.ac.id) (9). Faculty of Public Health (http://www.fkm.undip.ac.id) (10). Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (http://www.fpik.undip.ac.id) (11). Faculty of Psychology (http://www.psikologi.undip.ac.id) (12). Faculty of Science and Mathematics (http://www.fsm.undip.ac.id)


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