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Durham University is distinctive. We seek to achieve the highest distinction in scholarship and research which makes a real difference to mankind. We are equally committed to excellence in education and the transmission of knowledge. But it is much more than that. The World Heritage Site at the heart of our University has been a centre of scholarship for over 1000 years. Our students come from all walks of life and from over 120 countries to experience a truly rounded education. Our 16 distinctive colleges, ancient and modern, are residential communities of scholars - undergraduates, postgraduates and staff - which instil in our students a sense of community, leadership, social responsibility and the opportunity to explore their passion to make a difference in whatever sphere of life they choose. Durham University offers its students a challenging and rewarding education through its ethos of research-led teaching combined with opportunities for personal development. We are committed to education, instilling in our students the ability to learn and think together with an emphasis on leadership, respect for others and social and environmental responsibility. We are preparing our graduates for the rest of their life. At Durham, our students have direct access to some of the world’s finest academic minds – they learn how to learn and become self-starting, able to turn their hand to anything and make a difference in whatever field of endeavour they choose. Students are taught by leaders in their fields – people who themselves are making a difference through their research and teaching. Whilst academic excellence is important, we recognise that academic success is only half the story – we encourage personal development and skills through participation in the widest variety of extracurricular activities. It is no surprise that our students are sought widely by employers and make their mark at national and international levels. Durham welcomes the most talented students, whatever their background. Our student body comes from over 120 countries worldwide, an enriching experience for all. Competition for places is high: typically we receive about eight applications for every undergraduate place. Nonetheless, we work hard to ensure that those students who will most benefit from the type of high quality education we offer can come to Durham. Our undergraduate teaching combines traditional methods, such as personal tutorials, with the most advanced digital approaches. For example, we lead the UK’s only Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Active Learning in Computing. We seek to encourage student engagement where knowledge is obtained by sharing, problem-solving and creating. We generate innovative tools to support active learning techniques, revolutionising the learning environment to enable students to control the pace and style of their learning as well as to significantly enhance their employability.
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