Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Undergraduate

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) was established in 2002 under the Act of Private Institutions of Higher Learning 1996 Malaysia. It is wholly owned by the UTAR Education Foundation, a not-for-profit organization.

The University was founded with a vision to be a premier not-for-profit private university serving the local and global communities. To a great extent, it has achieved that goal. With the inaugural intake of 411 students in June 2002, as at March 2011, its student enrolment has reached more than 19,000. UTAR has also produced over 22,000 graduates and holds many years of graduate employment track record of over 97 percent within six months of graduation.

Starting with three faculties in a single campus in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, UTAR now has 10 faculties an academic institute in four campuses, three in the Klang Valley and the main campus in Kampar, Perak.
1. Petaling Jaya Campus
- Faculty of Creative Industries
- Institute of Chinese Studies
2. Kuala Lumpur Campus
- Faculty of Engineering and Science
3. Sungai Long Campus
- Faculty of Accountancy and Management
- Faculty Medicine and Health Sciences
4. Perak Campus
- Faculty of Arts and Social Science
- Faculty of Business and Finance
- Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology
- Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
- Faculty of Science

Besides the faculties, UTAR also operates the following institute and centres:
- Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research
- Centre for Extension Education
- Centre for Foundation Studies

The University currently offers more than 100 academic programmes, all of which are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

UTAR programmes for professional disciplines such as Accounting, Actuarial Science, Engineering, and Quantity Surveying are recognised by the related professional bodies.

Since its inception, UTAR has been actively involved in internationalisation. It has established formal relationships with industry leaders, professional bodies, education institutions and universities, many of which are foreign, to collaborate in research, academic development, exchange of ideas, staff and student development and exchange programmes. UTAR is also a member of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and Talloires Network.

UTAR is recognised as a teaching and research university as demonstrated by increasing student enrolment and producing of graduates that meet market demand, and also many research outputs that advance the fields with cross-disciplinary collaborations. UTAR is dedicated to nurture graduates who are able to contribute to the society and fulfil market demand.

UTAR has long established the UTAR Research Fund, an internal research fund, with an annual allocation of RM5 million as seed fund to facilitate the initiation of research projects.

In addition, UTAR has also received external funding, totalling RM14.5 million as at 30 April 2011 for over 120 research projects. Research grants secured in 2010 were from the Malaysian government and local and international industry players.

UTAR collaborates with various government agencies and industry leaders for joint research and consultancy, R&D funding, industry attachment and technology transfer.

UTAR has set up 20 research centres and 25 multidisciplinary research groups as at 30 April 2011. The University has also established the UTAR Global Research Network, a platform for UTAR faculty members to network, for research purposes, with academics, researchers and technologists from all over the world. Currently, 31 such international collaborative partners have been appointed in the network.

To promote research and scholastic development of various fields, UTAR had initiated the establishment of endowed chairs in 2009. Since then, eight chairs have been established and a total of RM 12.5 million have been raised as at 15th March 2011.
- Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow Professor of Banking and Finance
- SP Setia Professor of Environmental Engineering and Green Technology
- The STAR Foundation Professor of Creative Industries
- SHL Professor of Construction Management
- Datuk and Datin Tan Kim Leong Professor of Medicine
- Brunsfield Professor of Civil Engineering
- Mr and Mrs Chua Chai Leng Professor of Economics
- Tan Sri Dato' Philip Kuok Professorial Chair in Agricultural Science

UTAR will continue to progress and pursue excellence in teaching, research and collaborations with industry. UTAR is also dedicated in participating in activities that promote care for the society and community, as well as transfer of knowledge, culminating in outputs that contribute to socio-economic development and nation building.

Undergraduate Courses

Department of Student Affairs (Perak Campus)
Centre for Extension Education
R&D and Commercialization
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Division of Human Resource
Student Development & Alumni Relations
Department of Internationalisation and Institutional Relations
Department of Quality Assurance and Audits
IT Infrastructure and Support Centre
Faculty of Engineering and Science
Centre for Foundation Studies Petaling Jaya Campus
Division of Community Networking and Fund Raising
Department of Admissions and Credit Evaluation
Registrar's Office
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Business and Finance
Division of Programme Promotion
Department of Soft Skills Competency
Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Department of Estates & Facilities (Perak Campus)
Division of Examinations, Awards and Scholarships
Department of Alumni Relations & Placement
Research Centres
Department of Academic Administration
Institute of Postgraduate Studies & Research
Faculty of Creative Industries
Faculty of Accountancy and Management
Department of Student Affairs
Centre for Chinese Studies Research
President's Office
Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (Perak Campus)
Department of Soft Skills Competency (Perak Campus)
Division of Finance
Department of Estates & Facilities
Software Development & Multimedia Services Centre
Department of Internationalisation and Institutional Relations
Internationalisation & Academic Development
Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology
Centre for Foundation Studies Perak Campus

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