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Welcome to Sweden and Uppsala University Uppsala University is a comprehensive international research university dedicated to advancing science, scholarship, and higher education. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. Eight scientists at the university have been awarded the Nobel Prize. For more than 500 years, Uppsala University has been a distinguished seat of learning with rich opportunities for students and researchers at all levels. Our history is part of our strength—but our sights are on the future. Advanced Studies at Uppsala University Uppsala University is a selective university with stringent academic demands. As an Uppsala student you will get a high quality education and access to the very latest research findings. At the same time, you are immersed in a vibrant cultural setting that builds on several centuries of tradition. We offer a variety of master degree programmes that are taught in English. The master degree from Uppsala University is internationally recognised and will provide you with qualifications that are in high demand in both the Swedish and international labour markets. You will also be well prepared to pursue a PhD. Teaching Personnel and Students Uppsala University is renowned for providing a highly diverse educational environment. Our teaching professionals are actively involved in research, which is reflected in the education. However, we encourage an open dialogue, so you are likely to find that our teachers are less formal and have a more relaxed attitude compared to many other academic institutions around the world. We boast an international environment with excellent facilities; modern labs, wireless network access, extensive library collections and a relaxed study environment. Uppsala and Sweden The university is located in central Sweden in the city of Uppsala. It takes just 40 minutes by train to reach the capital city, Stockholm, and only 20 minutes are required to get to Arlanda International Airport. Uppsala has 185,000 inhabitants and is the fourth largest city in Sweden. It offers small-town charm along with a big-city selection of shops, restaurants, and things to do. You will also find unique cultural treasures and an exciting history to explore. The Nobel Prize Every year Nobel laureates visit Uppsala University to hold open lectures that are free for students and staff to attend. Uppsala University scientists have won a total of eight Nobel Prizes and this has helped make the university known throughout the world. Student Life Uppsala has just about everything that a larger city can offer when it comes to sports and recreation and you can easily travel throughout the city by bike. There are 13 student clubs (“nations”) located in the centre of town. These clubs are a tradition dating back to the 17th century and they offer many kinds of social and recreational activities, including newspaper and reading rooms, libraries, restaurants, and huge celebrations that are held annually. Housing Plan ahead! It is not unusual with a waiting period in the housing queue. Thus you cannot expect to arrange housing on arrival. Foreign students admitted to a master programme will be able to get some advice when trying to find housing, although the university does not guarantee housing. Eligibility Requirements General requirements for admission to the programmes include earlier studies with a degree at least up to a level corresponding to three years of study at a Swedish university, i.e. approximately equivalent to a bachelor’s degree at a British university. In addition, most master programmes have specific requirements which can vary from one programme to another. All applicants also need to verify English language proficiency at a level corresponding to English B in the Swedish secondary school. This is normally attested by means of an internationally recognised test such as TOEFL or IELTS. For details please see the web. Selection Selection among eligible applicants can be based on, for example: Previous academic studies and degrees, statement of intent, work experience, degree project. The mode of selection can vary from one programme to another; please see the Moreover, there are student unions which e.g. represent he students in university management. Financial aspects For non-EU students, a financial statement will be required when applying for a student visa/residence permit. Guest students from outside the EU/EAA must have at least 7 300 SEK a month at their disposal for 10 months a year in order to get a residence permit for studies. For more information about tuition fees please visit: http://www.uu.se/en/node455


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