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Having split from North Korea in 1948 into a separately governed country, South Korea has since diverged considerably from its neighbor, developing into an internationally recognized Asian powerhouse in the fields of technology, education and tourism, to name but a few of its strengths.

Embracing both tradition and modernity, South Korea is a region of diverse cultures and lifestyles, influenced heavily by the western world, and notably by the US, while firmly holding onto the region’sown rich history and way of life.

Seoul, home to approximately 10.5 million people, is South Korea’s chaotic yet vibrant capital city, a must-see destination for many travelers and students alike.However, despite being so full of people, Seoul is still relatively easy to explore, thanks to the excellent transport infrastructures put in place to keep this high-tech industrial nation moving.

Fast Facts

  • Officially named the Republic of Korea, but widely known as South Korea or just Korea.
  • Capital city is Seoul, classed as a ‘megacity’ due to its population of more than 10 million.
  • The country has an area of 99,313 square kilometers, with 2,413kilometers of coastline.
  • Located on the Korean Peninsula, South Korea shares its only land border with North Korea. To the west of the country, across the Yellow Sea, is China; to the East, across the Sea of Japan, is Japan.
  • Currency is the South Korean won (₩/ KRW).
  • The government is led by an elected President, who chooses the cabinet, including the Premier (also known as the Prime Minister).
  • International companies based in South Korea include Hyundai and Samsung.
  • Korea launched its first space rocket into orbit in 2009. This has since been labeled a “partial success” as the intended orbit was not achieved; a second rocket, launched in 2010, exploded seconds after take-off.
  • Traditionally the national sport is taekwondo, but today many claim the country’s biggest obsession is with StarCraft, a computer game that attracts huge Korean audiences when professional competitions are broadcast on television.
  • International dialing code is +82 and internet domain is .kr.
  • Over three million people, including 22,000 foreigners, flock to the Boryeong Mud Festival on the west coast each year.
  • In 2012, a prison in Pohang became the home of the world’s first robotic prison guards.
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