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Study in Finland

Stunning natural beauty and laid-back cities, a strong focus on research and innovation, a good selection of world-class universities and a commitment to offering higher education free of charge... It's easy to see why many international students choose to study in Finland.

Fast Facts

  • Parliamentary democracy with unicameral legislature
  • Head of state is president (largely ceremonial), head of government is prime minister.
  • Finnish and Swedish are official languages, though English is more widely spoken than Swedish.
  • Capital city is Helsinki, which is the second most northerly capital city in the world.
  • Part of Sweden until 1809, then duchy of Russia until gaining independence in 1917
  • Known as Suomi in Finnish
  • Slightly larger than Malaysia, but with population (estimated to be 5,400,000) smaller than Kuala Lumpur alone
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Eastern European Time (UTC+2), switching to Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3) in summer
  • International dialling code: +358
  • Homeland of Nokia and Santa Claus (Lapland is in Finland)
  • Finland has 180,000 islands and 230,000 reindeer.
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