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What Do These Renowned Artists & Designers Think Of The Next Generation Of Creative Leaders? main image

Get inspired by what some of the world’s best artists and designers had to say about this year’s Royal College of Art’s graduates.

What’s It Like to Work With Leaders In the Art & Design Industry? main image

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of continued collaborations between higher education institutions and industry. But what’s it really like? Find out here.

How I Started My Own Business As a Design Graduate main image

You don’t need to have all the business know-how when it comes to starting your own venture. Find out how this art & design graduate did it.

TOPUNIVERSITIES Art and design by date
7 Tech Skills Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs main image

Technology is having a tremendous impact on all areas of business and society. We take a look at why entrepreneurs need these seven tech skills to help them succeed.

Everything You Need to Know About Puebla’s Arts and Culture Scene main image

Do you consider yourself an arts and culture aficionado? Find out what it’s like to explore and study in one of Mexico’s most colorful, creative and cultural cities.

MRes or MA: Which Art & Design Degree Is Right For You? main image

Not sure whether you should study an MRes or an MA in art and design? While they do share some common ground, they also have key differences. Read our short article to help you decide which one is right for you.

3 Ways London Art and Design Students Are Using Tech to Shape the Future main image

From robotics to lasers, virtual reality to digital production – the world of art and technology is inevitably evolving. Read our short article to find out more.

Art Scholarships Around the World main image

Discover a wide range of art scholarships around the world, covering fine arts, graphic design, fashion design and more.