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4 Helpful Tips For University Students main image
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19 Nov 2018

Starting university soon? We asked people for what top tips they’d give to new students.

How to Stay Fit at University main image

Uni life is often hectic, so how can you balance staying fit with your studies?

What is a Connect Masters Event? main image

You can unlock your future with a Connect Masters Event. But what actually happens at these events?

Which is the Number One Student City in the World? main image

London? Paris? Tokyo? We went to Summer in the City and asked people to guess which student city is the world’s number one…

Which Country Has the Most Universities in the World? main image

Think you can guess which country has the most universities? Watch our video to find out!

How Many Universities are There in the World? main image

Think you can guess how many universities there are in the world? We asked around at Summer in the City and the answers were interesting…