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Join the world's biggest university tours now.

QS offers two tours: The QS World Grad School Tour for all students who are interested in postgraduate studies and the QS World University Tour for all those who want to start undergraduate studies.

QS Global Tours

QS World Grad School Tour
A global series of events where admissions officers from the world’s top grad schools want to meet you and explain processes, requirements and benefits.
QS World University Tour
Your chance to ask key decision makers from global top universities about admissions, courses and funding.
from New York
QS World Grad School Tour
The Grad School Tour was extremely informative, it provided me an insight to studying abroad. It was great to meet with representatives from universities and to see what they expect from candidates...
from London
QS World University Tour
At the QS World University Tour I met with universities from around the world and it has allowed me to explore different options and has helped me to decide on my undergraduate degree choice.