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Best Companies to Work for in the UK in 2018 main image

Discover the companies rated by employees as the best to work for in the UK – and find out how you can get hired there.

Everything You Need to Know about Interview Assessments main image

More and more employers are using aptitude and personality tests as part of the graduate hiring process. Here's how to do well in them.

What Can You Do With a Management Degree? main image

Discover a range of career options you can pursue with a management degree.

TOPUNIVERSITIES careers advice by date
How a Mentor Can Help You Step Up That Career Ladder main image

Get a helping hand along your career path by finding a workplace mentor. Here's how they can help you.

What Can You Do With a Finance Degree? main image

Want to study finance? Find out where a finance degree could take you.

5 Reasons Your Grad Job Search Is Not Working, According to an Expert main image

Are you getting interviews, but no job offers? Don’t despair, your situation is fairly common.

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter main image

Make sure your job application is attracting attention for all the right reasons by mastering the tricky cover letter.

Careers You Can Work In With A Business Analytics Degree main image

Applying to business school? Here's what you need to know about jobs with a degree in business analytics.