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Top 10 Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia 2020 main image

Discover which universities from emerging European and central Asian study destinations have topped this year's QS EECA University Rankings, part of our series of QS World University Rankings by Region.

10 of the Best European Universities for Graduate Employability in 2020 main image

Find out which universities made the list for the 10 top universities in Europe for graduate employability in 2020.


Where Can You Study Abroad for Free? main image

Want to know where in the world you can study for free? Get information about university fees and low-cost higher education around the world!

Skyline of Minsk

Why has Minsk been rated as one of the top 120 cities to be a student in 2019?

Berlin main image

Definitely one of the coolest European capitals, Berlin is among the world's best cities for students. Find out more.

Krakow main image

Why is Krakow one of the best student cities? Find out why this Polish city is included in this year’s Best Student Cities ranking.

Madrid main image

The Spanish capital offers a highly attractive lifestyle, and four world-leading universities. Find out what it's like to study in Madrid.

Zurich main image

Home to the highest ranked university in continental Europe, Zurich is one of the world's top student cities. Find out more.