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Articles with tag 'France'

Lyon main image

Find out what makes the French city of Lyon one of the world's best student cities.

Where Is the Best Place to Study Aerospace Business Management? main image

Thinking of pursuing a degree in aerospace business management? There’s only one place where you’ll want to do that.

Universities in France: Main image

Want to study at one of the two top universities in France? Find out how Université PSL and École Polytechnique compare.

Top Universities in France Main image

Discover the top universities in France, based on the results of the QS World University Rankings® 2021.

Top 10 Universities in Paris main image

Discover the top 10 universities in Paris, based on the latest edition of the QS World University Rankings®.

3 Finance Tips For Studying Abroad In France main image

Looking to study abroad in France? Don’t leave home without taking these top finance tips with you! 

6 Reasons Why You Should Study Hospitality Management in Lyon main image

France’s hospitality industry is hard to rival. We give you six reasons why you should consider pursuing your hospitality management degree in the gastronomic capital of France – Lyon.  

A Day in the Life of an International Master’s Student main image

Ever wondered what it’s like to move to a whole new country away from your family and friends for your studies? We spoke to two international students who have done just that.